Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Post 13: Abigail's Song

My 20-Time Project has been a series of individual critics on different artists, but the reason that I have been writing about them is to show the level of creativity that comes out of music. For the overall project I have been trying to give examples of people who found their talent and use it on extraordinary levels. I realize that most of my blogs have been about artists that have been famous for a while and have been known to the public, but another one of Mr. Provenzano students, Abigail, has been creating her own album and I am going to write a blog post about her and what her music is about. 

She has been creating an album for charity as her 20 Time project and shared one of her songs with me. This song is called Behind that Screen, which is about people who cyber bully others to gain more self respect. 

Behind that Screen
Calling me ugly won't make you any prettier
Calling me fat won't make you any thinner 
So keep on being cruel, then tell me how that goes 
But I've learned that being mean behind a screen won't get you very far

And I didn't do nothing wrong to you 
Stop calling me names
This ain't no game 
If you got a problem with me you might as well tell me 
Face to face, not screen to screen 
So just keep hiding behind that screen

Calling me fake won't make you any realer
Calling me a sleaze won't make you a saint
Calling me dumb won't make you s-m-a-r-t, I will spell it if you please
And I've learned that being mean behind a screen won't get you very far

Repeat chorus 

Although she didn't share a link to her singing this song, she sent a link of her singing Say Something by A Great Big World. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s331/sh/fa6a785f-38a0-4d1b-bfec-c0894e2205f6/b82960eeed422ee6a6b59787b7bf4f8c

Abigail is a talented young artist who is pursuing a goal of making an album, not just for her own satisfaction but to explore where her creativity can take her and her music. Her music isn't about partying or outragious sinarious, it is about day to day events that can occur in anyone's life. Behind that Screen is about being being bullied, and whether society likes to admit it or not that happens to everyone. Abigail has taken a topic and turned it into art and a creative, relatable piece.This is a perfect example of what I want my 20 Time project to be about, people going further into the creative abilities than they ever could imagine. 

I have enjoyed the experience of 20 Time because I had the opportunity to listen to many different artists, some that I ended up blogging about and others as well. I'm glad I got to read about other experiences too because everyone in my 2nd hour class is doing extraordinary things for others and themselves and I admire that. So far I haven't disliked anything, but I have a feeling that preparing this 8 minute presentation won't be that easy. If I could go back to the beginning of the year I would have picked a topic a little more out of the ordinary. I love music and the way an artist can express their emotions through song, but I would want to learn how to do something new like play the piano or cook different recipes. 

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  1. Abigal's song sound awesome, thanks for sharing! Also I loved reading about your 20 time project so far, you reviewed a variety of music in a plethora of genres. What is your favorite album you have critiqued? If you could go back in time and change your twenty time blog topic what would it be?