Sunday, February 2, 2014

Post 11: Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band consists of seven men: Zac Brown, Clay Cook, Coy Bowles, Jimmy De Martini, John Driskell Hopkins, Chris Fryar, and Daniel de los Reyes. This group has made many top songs throughout their years in the music industry such as, Chicken Fried, Toes, and Sweet Annie. At the 2012 Grammy Awards they won best country album for Uncaged. Their last album released was Uncaged, with 11 songs, including the hit Sweet Annie.

1. Jump Right In
2. Uncaged
3. Goodbye In Her Eyes
4. The Wind
5. Island Song
6. Sweet Annie
7. Natural Disaster
8. Overnight (feat. Trombone Shorty)
9. Lance's Song
10. The Day I Die (feat. Amos Lee)
11. Last But Not Least

Zac Brown Band for me is a summer night next to a campfire with friends and family. They give off an uncontrollable vibe to just relax and enjoy life. Whenever I listen to their music I just want to have no worries and be happy with who I am. The southern stories told throughout their songs are so descriptive that I feel like I am there "with my ass in the water and toes in the sand." Toes, Sweet Annie, and Whatever It Is are my favorite songs by them. I will never get over their music and I cant wait until summer so I can pretend to be as calm and collected as they are in their songs. 

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  1. Hello Anna, Marie again.
    I completely agree with you on Zac Brown Band being perfect for summertime around the fire. They vibe the songs give is so soothing and relaxing I sometimes wish I could just jump through my speakers and be by the beach in their music.