Sunday, December 8, 2013

Post 9: One Direction

Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne are the members of a very familiar boy band called One Direction. Their albums Up All Night and Take Me Home, have broken multiple records, and some of the singles such as "What Makes You Beautiful" were major hits. The start to their success all began on the 2010 X-Factor singing competition. The international sensation have captured the hearts of millions of teenage girls. Just in the Untied States 19 million singles and 10 million albums were sold and have built a $50 million empire. Their latest album is Midnight Memories.

Midnight Memories
1. Best Song Ever
2. Story of My Life
3. Diana
4. Midnight Memories
5. You & I
6. Don't Forget Where You Belong
7. Strong
8. Happily
9. Right Now
10. Little Black Dress
11. Through the Dark
12. Something Great
13. Little White Lies
14. Better Than Words
15. Why Don't We Go There
16. Does He Know?
17. Alive
18. Half a Heart

I used to be a fan of One Direction, but drifted away until this album came out. I am currently listening to it and starting to enjoy the boy band image of One Direction. The devoted fans have been there throughout the bands journey. Before this album even came out, the fans were commenting reviews with five stars saying that it will be perfect. My new favorite songs from the album, that I would recommend, are "Story of My Life" and "You & I". Personally I believe that One Direction will last longer than other boy bands from the past, I say this because they are real best friends, and not acting for the camera. I hope they stay together and continue to create music for their millions of fans to enjoy.

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  1. Hi Anna! My name is Marie and I will be your blog pal this semester! I read you blog and love your reviews. My old roommate was a hard core One Direction fan girl and I never really understood them until this album. The music is deeper and you are right, they do seem like they get along and are real best friends.
    Good luck reviewing and happy listening!